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About Wisdom Seekers Christian University Online

Then you will seek Me, inquire for, and require Me [as a vital necessity] and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29:13 AMP

Wisdom Seekers Christian University (WiSeekU) (formerly Revival Mission Christian University (RMCU) Online) is an online institute of Christian studies providing educational products, programs, and services for students at every learning level including Elementary, Junior High School, High School, Undergraduate, Graduate, and Post-Graduate education.

Media MissionaryWiSeekU is a Media Missionary project promoting Bible scholarship and preparing students for ordination, ministry leadership, to fulfill roles in Christian Counseling and Pastoral Ministry, and to be effective in missions work at home and abroad.

WiSeekU proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ and inspires individuals, families and communities to serve God through worship, witnessing, and ministry to the needs of others. We reach beyond the sanctuary, healing hearts and uplifting the souls of believers worldwide.

The WiSeekU “revival mission” is to help bring spiritual revival to the world by empowering new and growing churches to increase effectiveness in outreach and fellowship ministries. We plant churches, foster local and international missions, and provide Christian leadership training. We help Christian pastors and leaders with grant-writing, event planning, documentation, publication and media design to build more effective ministry tools. We also provide devotional products and services including books, music, educational programs, enriching seminars, workshops and related outreach resources.

Most importantly, the “revival mission” is to encourage and lead students in beginning or strengthening your personal relationship with Jesus Christ as your LORD and Savior; to help you make or renew a lasting commitment to serve God and do His will; to encourage and support your decision to follow through with your personal covenant by continuing to grow in Biblical and spiritual knowledge; and to help you discover and or maximize your gifts, talents and resources for edification of the body of Christ.

WiSeekU accomplishes its mission in adherence to the following purposes:

  • Providing a variety of ministry-focused programs and services;
  • Empowering students to grow where they are planted, through a non-traditional curriculum delivery method;
  • Offering courses, programs and services that meet students’ needs and prepare them from success in ministry roles; and
  • Guiding student development toward professionalism, business and ministry management, Biblical knowledge and Christian character.

The ultimate goal of WiSeekU is to develop well-rounded, Bible scholars who are capable and equipped to lead and serve in God’s vineyard today.

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